RPA Portfolio

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SAP Automation Vendor Creation

  • SAP Automation Vendor Creation in SAP by reading input data from email/ excel.
  • General Ledger code creation in SAP by reading input data from email/excel.
  • Notification to users via email.
  • Project roll out in 5 weeks.

Invoice Processing

  • Invoice sourced for multiple channels like email, vendor portal, scanned invoice etc.
  • Data extraction of invoice details & line item details.
  • Invoice data entry into SAP ECC 6.0
  • Notification for business & application exception.
  • Reporting & Dashboard.

SAP Fixed Assets Automation

  • SAP Automation for Fixed Assets Creation in SAP by reading input data from workflow system.
  • Data extraction from Workflow system and excel sheets.
  • Validations & Verification for Asset creation.
  • Assets Creation in SAP.
  • Approval/Rejection of Assets Creation in Workflow system.
  • Notification to users via email.
  • Automation of monthly reports for Fixed Assets, Depreciation etc.

Service Requests Automation

  • Automation of Service Request creation in CRM based on emails requests from vendors.
  • Customer creation if customer doesn’t exists.
  • Creation of Service Request and updating CRM for SR number.
  • Notification to users for SR number.
  • Sending Exceptions to Customer Service team if complete details of customer not available.

SAP Automation PO & GRN Creation

  • Automation of PO & GRN Creation in SAP by reading input data from email/excel.
  • PO Release in SAP after PO Creation.
  • Updating Material BatchCode in Inventory Module after GRN creation.

Reminders for Payment Overdue

  • Sending email to customers with payment overdue through CRM.
  • Update customer account in CRM with new activity – “Payment Reminder Sent”.
  • Validating the Payment Overdue Invoice for customer reference number.
  • Status Report for all the overdue payment processed.

AWS Invoice Analysis

  • Bot to generate and validate AWS Monthly Invoice for customer accounts for AWS Reseller.
  • Bot to download Invoices from the cloud based billing system.
  • Email all Invoices to Business & Finance Team for further processing.
  • Report on Invoice Analysis send to Business Team.

Reminder for Insurance Premium Payment

  • Business user provides data of clients who missed their payments & invoices.
  • Data extraction from Invoice for client details & validation.
  • Search client in CRM system.
  • Update CRM system for payment reminder.
  • Enter Reminder details in CRM & upload invoice. CRM sends email to client.
  • Reporting – Email to business user the status of client like email sent, client not found, incorrect data in the invoice.

Policy renewal & tariff adjustment

  • Business user provides data of clients whose policy needs to be renewed and tariff needs to be revised.
  • Search client in CRM system.
  • Update policy details for renewal in CRM system.
  • Update tariff for each guarantee in the policy.
  • Update total premium of the policy.
  • Reporting – Email to business user the status of each client like Policy Renewed, Client not found etc.

Bulk Order Creation

  • Business user provides order details via Excel sheet with Product SKU, Category, Quantity etc and sends to a dedicated email.
  • Bots monitors the dedicated email account and processes the new order requests.
  • Bots validates the order data based on the business rules.
  • Bots uses ERP system APIs to push the orders into the system.
  • Once the excel file is processed, bots informs the business users with status report for their request.