Newer evolving extensions of Salesforce such as Einstein AI, Salesforce Wave Analytics, IoT Cloud Einstein, Salesforce Marketing Cloud (exact target), CPQ (Apttus, Steelbrick, Oracle Big Machines) are empowering huge sectors such as connected cities, industrial automation and utility management to name a few. Salesforce and related technologies to meet the challenges of developing for embedded devices, with IoT as its ultimate goal. Salesforce being the backbone for developing such vast industry sectors such as

  • Connected cities
  • Energy management
  • Industrial automation
  • Home automation
  • IoT platforms
  • AI Platforms
  • Self driving vehicles
  • Smart AI based utility distribution networks

Salesforce is on the cusp of a "Big Bang" ranging from cloud orchestration; AI based Sales decisions; Advanced Synchronisations, analysis, assimilation of very large data sets; and many more to come. We make sure that are teams are so well trained and cross experienced that they can understand, analyse and deliver on client requirements from the word GO. Hence reducing project times, increasing efficiency and also saving project costs for clients.