Discover The mXtreme Features


Platform provides ready to use APIs for mobile apps. It enables customers to build apps rapidly. Mobile and Server APIs are available for direct consumption/usage in mobile apps.

Data Aggregator

Platform provides data/information aggregation across multiple enterprise systems. All enterprise information can be made available from Single mobile app.


Platform provides pre-built connectors for enterprise systems like CRM, HR, DMS and other sytems based on SQL database, NoSQL database. New/custom connectors can be easily developed and integrated in the platform.


Platform light weight architecture provides scalability to manages thousands of live users.


Platform take care of security aspects for mobile and server API. Data on mobile apps is secured and encrypted.

Mobile SDK

Platform comes with pre-built Mobile SDK with readymade components to enable developers to quickly build mobile apps and focus on User Experience rather the trivial issues of connectivity, security and backend services.

Apps in Offline mode

Platform enables mobile apps to work in offline mode (without internet connectivity). Users can perform its work and it would automatically synchronize with backend whenever connectivity restores.


Platform supports virtualized environment enabling optimal usage of enterprise resources.