Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics

Our offerings include consulting and development services to help businesses service their strategy and solution architecture requirements, both tactical and strategic. We deliver and manage data storage, business analytics and reporting applications that provide groundbreaking business benefits.

Enterprise Storage

We can help you change your data into strategic asset, with data protection and information management solutions that enable you to protect, access and use all of your data — anywhere and anytime.

CLOUD + IOT Integration

We enable you to redefine your product offerings and customer experience through smart connected devices. From smart vending machines, point-of-sale systems and medical devices, down to small systems like sensor gateways, turn your Internet of Things (IoT) into the Integration of Everything (IoE) with cross platform integration and API-led connectivity. We have both internal and external tools to enable your integration whether it is a On-premise to Cloud OR Cloud to IOT OR hybrid integration. We strategise, plan, implement your offerings by taking out the “muddle” out of everything hence reducing operational/ production and developmental disruptions for you.

Inmemory data engine deployment and consulting services

We believe that Advanced Analytics & Optimization are key for companies to innovate and outperform. Apart from our Big Data Analytics services we offer services with in-depth experience in advanced analytics, tailor-made optimisation models and technology, consulting services and projects for all levels of analytics maturity, as well as an analytics academy for education and training.

Our domain experience ranges from Supply Chains, Capacity & Resource Planning E-Commerce and Big Data. With a track record of 8 years and offices 3 tech hubs around the globe, we combine a passion for complexity with a hands-on mentality and a determination to solve the unsolvable.

The insights to outperform

We live in a world where the competition is all around us, where there are continuous changes in legislation and regulations, and where technological developments and globalization are moving at an almost perplexing momentum.

To succeed our clients must not only perform better than their competitors, but better than they did yesterday. Day in, day out becoming smarter, more flexible organisation which requires business knowledge of a higher level than in the past.

We are the specialist in business analytics which provides results at the speed of ever evolving market and to match our client’s financial requirements. We provide companies with the insights they need to become more adaptive and responsive. We’ve helped numerous companies grow their turnover, lower their costs, reduce their environmental impact. In short, achieve better results. And we do this in our own unique, quantitative way.

Our models, algorithms and people identify patterns, find interconnections, calculate scenarios, support decisions, manage risks, test strategies and underpin investments. All with one thing in mind: to make your organisation stronger and smarter

Expert and responsive

Our specialists in the fields of Operations Research, Mathematics, Analytics, Big Data and Software Engineering combine theoretical expertise with industry know-how. Whether you need to overhaul your entire systems or just a quick boost in quality, we can respond quickly to your specific requests. So you immediately get the support you need: actionable advice and user-friendly solutions backed by current knowledge and razor-sharp insights.

Services include:

* Organization, Business Case and Project Reviews

* Platform Reviews

* PoC’s, Installation, Administration, Implementation

* Security Reviews and Implementations

* Performance Tuning

* Architectural Assessments

* Platform and Application Development

* Machine Learning and Data Analysis

Specialties Include:

* Scalable Real-time Data Event/Ingestion Systems

* Data Pipelines

* Analytics BigData/Hadoop/Spark Platforms

* Operational BigData/Hadoop/Spark Platforms

Enterprise Mobility Management

A EMM allows you to do more with less. It enables organisations to industrialise service delivery, so they can service more requests, deliver faster, and ensure higher customer satisfaction.

Big Data + Mobility Convergance

As companies become more data-driven, it’s only routine that those visions find their way into the hands of people who can put them into action. Mobility will accentuate the impact of big data on both customer intelligence and operational efficiency by making everything immediately actionable. Armed with real time decision-making capability and knowledge on your mobile phone, you will be able to implement new business processes that will change how business is done.

Adding mobility to big data means enabling frontline employees with real-time insights, when and where they need them. Those insights will come from blending data in motion — information that’s changing on the fly — with data at rest. Mobility also enables real-time data collection from the field, adding to the pool of knowledge that will drive insights in another part of the system.


From functional mapping, data center planning, cost optimisation, implementations. We partner with the best and enable your A key feature of an ERP package is its ability to integrate the various towers of an organisation and help optimise the business processes, so companies can save time, cut costs, and increase efficiencies. Creating an order entry, tracking the production for the order, tracking the deliveries, developing financial reports – these and many other processes, whether internal or customer facing, can be streamlined with the right ERP solution.

Xtreme, we have spent years providing implementation, support and upgrade services to Small and Mid-Size enterprises, and helping them achieve business optimization, thereby helping them cut costs, save time and increase efficiencies in their processes. GIS is transforming from a department level system to being part of an enterprise wide information system that supports decision making across several business and organizational processes. Geospatial systems provide even greater value when integrated with business and IT applications, becoming the portal for a range of location based corporate data.

Xtreme has considerable experience in spatially enabling business and IT applications for various industries. These include GIS integration with ERP, billing, CRM, network analysis systems and applications, Application development and Disaster management.

IT as a Service

The age old question for all project directors whether “I use Contractors, Staff Augmentation or Consultants” It has been not answered since Y2K arrived and probably might not be as in the recent years the line is blurring hence rather than getting into a quagmire we instead customise are fulfilment models to client requirements. Our IT staff augmentation team has expert knowledge in the tech industry and in your local job market to help you find the right IT professionals, whether you need them for just a few hours, a couple of months, or for the long term. With the flexibility to help organisations scale up or down depending on their workflow, we enable you to maximise your resources and leverage opportunities.

we help you avoid the process of writing and posting job openings, sifting through resumes and laboring through the lengthy interview process. Our IT staff augmentation services allow you to sidestep those consuming tasks and place top IT and tech professionals in the positions you need to fill – saving you time and money, while putting you in the best position to take on new business opportunities. We only submit qualified candidates who match the skill sets you require. We conduct a thorough pre-screening process and provide training materials for all candidates so they come to you with experience and knowledge, which helps decrease your business training costs.

We provide you with customized solutions, meeting with you to understand the specific skills you need and your overall business goals. The benefits to this approach include:

• Shorter hiring timelines

• Reduced cost of attaining talent

• Increased knowledge of business and industry trends and practices

Transition Management

Xtreme offers transition services to it’s clients individualized to meet the needs of the client. Transition resources reduce the risk, time, and effort of your transition. Using the comprehensive set of the Integrity transition tools and best practices, you can safely transition to the technology. These changes encompass the people, processes, and technologies necessary to enable the transfer of all the elements of an IT environment, including:

* Platform infrastructure (server, operating system, storage, networking, and system management components)

* Internally developed software (custom code) and application development environment

* Independent Software Vendor (ISV) applications and databases

Extensive service offerings enable joint transition planning, at your own pace, to minimize business disruption and cost while adding business value through the evolution. The shift in enterprise software sales from license to services is amongst the most significant upheavals the industry has seen. Regardless of how quickly, or slowly, companies make the transition to SaaS, the evolution is extremely stressful, creating a number of dilemmas for the vendor. A migration to SaaS is likely to affect profitability, internal organisation, management, budgets and customer relationships. We enable transition via use of internal and external tools and services to minimise business impact on enterprise.