Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics

Our offerings include consulting and development services to help businesses service their strategy and solution architecture requirements, both tactical and strategic. We deliver and manage data storage, business analytics and reporting applications that provide groundbreaking business benefits. More

Big Data + Mobility Convergance

As companies become more data-driven, it’s only routine that those visions find their way into the hands of people who can put them into action. Mobility will accentuate the impact of big data on both customer intelligence and operational efficiency by making everything immediately actionable. Armed with real time decision-making capability and knowledge on your mobile phone, you will be able to implement new business processes that will change how business is done. Adding mobility to big data means enabling frontline employees with real-time insights, when and where they need them. Those insights will come from blending data in motion — information that’s changing on the fly — with data at rest. Mobility also enables real-time data collection from the field, adding to the pool of knowledge that will drive insights in another part of the system.More

CLOUD + IOT Integration

We enable you to redefine your product offerings and customer experience through smart connected devices. From smart vending machines, point-of-sale systems and medical devices, down to small systems like sensor gateways, turn your Internet of Things (IoT) into the Integration of Everything (IoE) with cross platform integration and API-led connectivity. We have both internal and external tools to enable your integration whether it is a On-premise to Cloud OR Cloud to IOT OR hybrid integration. We strategize, plan, implement your offerings by taking out the “muddle” out of everything hence reducing operational/ production and developmental disruptions for you.More

Enterprise Storage

We can help you change your data into strategic asset, with data protection and information management solutions that enable you to protect, access and use all of your data — anywhere and anytime. The bulky old-school storage boxes that once filled the data centers of large businesses symbolize a past era. The modern data center is undergoing a tremendous transformation, with everything from hyper-converged systems and open source to software-defined storage and large cloud-scale storage systems that companies can assemble themselves. This transformation is being created by the need for business agility and fueled by software.More

Enterprise Mobility Management

Xtreme offers a variety of tools and services to implement enterprise mobility solutions. In today's world mobility solutions help the enterprise to transforms their workplace and improve productivity, capitalize on new ideas and innovations, services etc. With our experience of working in diverse platforms and industries, our team focus on making mobility simplified for your enterprise. We have been known to architecture solutions in enterprise mobility which integrate such varied platforms such as predictive analytics, weather monitoring, fleet management, real-time GPS monitoring along with supply chain management.More


Your Extended Team IT Added Services for you by our team working as your extended team for handling various IT related services starting from development phase to post-implementation phase of your IT projects. Xtreme has invented a new approach to IT outsourcing and offshore services. Companies want to focus on their core strength of Solution Design and Development which address the prospective customer issues/needs. However, as companies start their projects, lot of important areas like customer support, team for software implementation etc take back seat and companies are all of sudden found themselves lacking the team and other resources like website, online support tools etc are missing.More

Transition Management

Xtreme offers transition services to it’s clients individualized to meet the needs of the client. Transition resources reduce the risk, time, and effort of your transition. Using the comprehensive set of the Integrity transition tools and best practices, you can safely transition to the technology. Extensive service offerings enable joint transition planning, at your own pace, to minimize business disruption and cost while adding business value through the evolution. The shift in enterprise software sales from license to services is amongst the most significant upheavals the industry has seen. More

Enterprise Resource Planning

From functional mapping, data center planning, cost optimization, implementations. We partner with the best and enable your A key feature of an ERP package is its ability to integrate the various towers of an organization and help optimize the business processes, so companies can save time, cut costs, and increase efficiencies. Creating an order entry, tracking the production for the order, tracking the deliveries, developing financial reports – these and many other processes, whether internal or customer facing, can be streamlined with the right ERP solution. More

Discover The mXtreme Features

mXtreme is an Enterprise Mobility platform to develop, deliver & manage Mobile Apps. mXtreme provides pre-built mobile SDK with readymade components to reduce app development timeline.mXtreme takes care of app & data security within mobile and server API. Platform can be used as Mobile backend, Enterprise Data Server, Data Aggregator etc.


Platform provides ready to use APIs for mobile apps. It enables customers to build apps rapidly.More

Data Aggregator

Platform provides data/information aggregation across multiple enterprise systems.More


Platform provides pre-built connectors for enterprise systems like CRM, HR, DMS and other sytems based on SQL database, NoSQL database.More


Platform light weight architecture provides scalability to manages thousands of live users.More


Platform take care of security aspects for mobile and server API. Data on mobile apps is secured and encrypted.More

Mobile SDK

Platform comes with pre-built mobile SDK with readymade components to enable developers to quickly build mobileMore

Apps in Offline mode

Platform enables mobile apps to work in offline mode(without internet connectivity). More


Platform supports virtualized environment enabling optimal usage of enterprise resources.More

mXtreme Connectors for quick integration with
Enterprise Application

About Us

Xtreme is an IT company who believes that mobility solutions are the future of the Information Technology. Mobile Apps have bridged the gap in bringing the applications & solutions to the masses in a simple and innovative manner. We believe enterprises will adopt mobility in the same manner and work in a more collaborative environment. With this believe Xtreme was started and our vision is to “Provide simple and innovative mobility solutions for enterprises”.

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